Jag har redan kopierat och lagt in något som är bra skrivet...

...det här är också bra skrivet, och även i samma anda. Läs det vettja (funnet på youtube, skrivet av signaturen ramon30061982). Jag vet inte om jag bryter mot några regler eller så, men det lär ju märkas?

But if you are really sick just like then let me give you a piece of advice get some kind of description pills of a shrink or a doctor and use these in a right way. It's not about being an emo or a goth because there are enough people who are sick of life, but life can bring good things even in the darkest hours.  Poor commentGood comment

And the real slow way to die is start smoking, but hey that's a joke. Hope you can laugh about about it, must say i like smoking cigarettes.

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And think about it if there is a afterlife your tears will be eternal, like forever and always. Can you handle that if everyone will forget you like a vacuumcleaner eats dust and everyone be reminded like you where nothing like dust? Like WHO THE FUCK YOU"RE TALKING ABOUT? I DON"T KNOW THAT PERSON! Feel the anger within you and fight for your life

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Maybe it's better to let you know cuz i also had these thoughts, i've been for 4 years in psychiatric clinics as a drug abusing traumatized depressed schizoprenic. I also don't have family that cares about me cuz they all died or i don't know about them.
I'm standing alone in this life but i am alive and still kicking. It's really a waste suicide because people will forget you, life is not for grant it not even for me and even that i am alone, life can always get better.

I just wish people would fight for each other. Caring or loving is much more beautifull then leaving someone in grief to rott and die. Just look around, people don't even see the evil around them anymore. All this evil is the cause of suicide you dumb fucks! you should know how high the suicide rating is cuz i have seen people die this way and trust me it is far from pretty

I just don't get it, i also like goth music but you people say suicide is beautifull?
Really that's pathetic you just don't get it all this evil in the world people raping kids. childeren killing childeren you really think the cause what brings it is beautifull?


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